Kiambu Coffee Millers Granted Licenses Boosting Local Processing

KIAMBU – In a significant development for the local coffee industry, Kiambu County has facilitated a major step forward for coffee farmers by issuing processing licenses to key millers, enabling local processing and promising enhanced industry efficiency. This move is part of broader government efforts to reform and invigorate the coffee sector.

According to Kenya News Agency, Livestock and Irrigation, licenses were awarded to several millers, including Sasini PLC Millers, a subsidiary of Sasini (K) LTD, and Kofinaf Company Limited, now managed by Coffee Management Services (CMS). Additional beneficiaries are Komothai Coffee Society and the Aberdare Limited, which represent small-scale coffee producers in the region. The licensing ceremony was led by the Acting County Secretary and Head of Public Service, Peter Ndegwa.

The initiative aims to bring milling services closer to farmers, reducing their costs and facilitating more efficient production and distribution. Chief Officer for Crop Production, Irrigation, and Marketing, Benson Njoroge, highlighted the distribution of millers across key coffee-growing areas, ensuring broad access for farmers. The licenses are part of ensuring that millers comply with regulatory standards and contribute positively to the local economy.

This licensing action addresses concerns raised by Kiambu coffee farmers earlier in the year regarding the delicensing of private millers, which had significantly impacted their operations and profitability. The local discontent echoed broader issues within the agriculture sector, where farmers like George Nduati lamented the adverse effects of market manipulation and price hikes attributed to cartels.

These new licenses are a component of ongoing national coffee sector reforms initiated by President Ruto’s administration, which aims to dramatically increase Kenya’s coffee production and curb the influence of detrimental market forces. The reforms are expected to transform the coffee industry, aligning with the government’s goal to escalate coffee output significantly within the next five years.

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