Kenya’s Economy Set for Recovery Amid Global Challenges, Assures Defence PS Patrick Mariru

ELGEYO MARAKWET COUNTY – Kenya’s Defence Principal Secretary, Patrick Mariru, has provided assurances on the nation’s economic outlook, citing the government’s strategic measures to bolster economic progress despite global challenges.

According to Kenya News Agency, Mariru, while addressing residents at a public forum in Iten, expressed confidence in the resilience of Kenya’s economy. He called for continued public confidence, acknowledging the presence of global economic factors outside of the government’s immediate influence. Mariru’s statement came during the public participation phase of the medium-term budget-making process at the Iten Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) hall.

Residents took this opportunity to voice their priorities, with a significant emphasis on the construction of the Arror, Kimwarer, and Embobut dams. The community highlighted the importance of these infrastructural projects for enhancing irrigation and power generation, which would lead to increased food production in the Kerio Valley region.

Further community inputs included requests for land adjudication to address clan conflicts, water conservation education, and proper regulation of borehole creation to protect underground water resources. Healthcare emerged as a critical area of concern, with calls for improved facilities and the proposition of a cancer center to address rising cases of the illness locally.

In the realm of sports, the completion of Kamariny Stadium was identified as a priority, alongside the refurbishment of existing sports infrastructure, to support athletic development in the county. Moreover, the attendees of the public forum urged the government to establish a rescue center for gender-based violence victims and to equip a rehabilitation center in Iten to cope with increasing mental health challenges related to substance abuse.

Finally, the improvement of road networks, particularly those connecting highland areas to the Kerio Valley and major thoroughfares throughout the valley, was highlighted as essential for the county’s development.

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