Kenyan Investors Encouraged to Tackle Inflation through Collective Funds

Kenyans are being advised to invest their idle cash in collective funds management companies to counteract the effects of inflation. James Mose, CEO of KUZA Assets Management, highlighted the opportunity for Kenyans to earn returns on investments through these funds.

According to Kenya News Agency, During the launch of KUZA Assets Management’s strategic plan, Mose pointed out the significant amount of idle cash in commercial banks that could be invested effectively. KUZA Assets Management, a Nairobi-based company established in 2021, is licensed by the Capital Market Authority and the Retirement Benefits Authority as a fund manager. The company specializes in bespoke investment solutions.

Mose reported that the company currently manages funds totaling Sh650 million and anticipates reaching the Sh1 billion mark by year-end. He observed that collective investment schemes in Kenya, totaling Sh176 billion as of June 2023, represent a fraction of the potential market, suggesting a target of Sh1 trillion in funds under management.

KUZA Assets Management also offers a Sharia-compliant program to cater to the investment needs of the Muslim population, which makes up about 11% of Kenya’s populace. The program is also open to non-Muslim investors.

The company’s investment options are designed to meet various client needs, including capital preservation, growth, and diversification. Mose emphasized the importance of managing investments effectively to benefit investors in the future.

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