Kenya Dairy Sector Unveils 10-Year Roadmap for Enhanced Milk Production

NAIROBI: The Kenyan government, through the Kenya Dairy Board (KDB), has launched a transformative 10-year roadmap aimed at doubling dairy farmers’ income by increasing milk production per cow. Agriculture and Livestock Development Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi revealed the ambitious goals of the Kenya Dairy Industry Sustainability Roadmap 2023 – 2033, which includes increasing milk production to 10 billion liters per year, growing exports, and enhancing revenues for small-scale dairy farmers.

According to Kenya News Agency, The roadmap focuses on boosting productivity through enhanced access to fodder, feeds, and veterinary services. Linturi emphasized the need for modern technology and climate-smart approaches to meet the increasing demand for milk.

The initiative also targets reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the dairy industry, aligning with Kenya’s National Climate Change Action Plan. A project proposal, ‘Pathways to Dairy Net Zero’ (PADNET), is being developed to transition the dairy industry to lower emissions and more resilient systems.

Margaret Kibogy, Managing Director of Kenya Dairy Board, outlined the roadmap’s targets, including increasing productivity, enhancing the cold chain for marketed milk, and reducing the retail price of packaged whole milk. The plan also aims to provide on-farm coolers to farmers producing significant quantities of milk.

This roadmap represents a significant step towards modernizing the dairy sector in Kenya, focusing on sustainability, increased production, and improved livelihoods for dairy farmers.

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