Kenya Communication Authority Unveils New Broadcasting Programming Code

NAIROBI – The Communication Authority of Kenya (CA) has officially announced the release of the 4th Edition of the Programming Code for broadcasters, a significant development aimed at enhancing the quality and relevance of broadcasting content across the nation. This latest version of the code has been established following extensive public consultations and is designed to address the evolving needs and standards of the broadcasting sector.

According to Kenya News Agency, the new Programming Code was formalized after a thorough review process, incorporating feedback from various stakeholders. It was gazetted on March 8, 2024, marking a crucial step towards its implementation. The CA’s announcement highlighted the availability of the Programming Code for free download on its official website, encouraging all broadcasting licensees to familiarize themselves with its provisions.

The directive from the CA mandates compliance with the Programming Code for all broadcasting service providers. This adherence is essential not only for maintaining broadcast standards that resonate with the diverse Kenyan audience but also for ensuring the integrity and accountability of the broadcasting industry. Licensees are advised that compliance with the Programming Code is integral to the annual certification process and will influence the renewal of broadcasting licenses.

The CA, as the regulatory body overseeing information and communication technologies in Kenya, plays a pivotal role in setting industry standards. With responsibilities ranging from telecommunications to broadcasting and cybersecurity, the CA is instrumental in shaping the media landscape to reflect societal values and norms. The updated Programming Code reflects the authority’s commitment to fostering a responsible and responsive broadcasting environment, catering to both free-to-air and subscription-based services.

Furthermore, the CA’s responsibilities include managing national resources like numbering and frequency spectrum, administering funds for universal service provision, and safeguarding ICT service users’ interests. The introduction of the new Programming Code aligns with the CA’s broader mission to promote the development and ensure the sustainability of Kenya’s broadcasting industry.

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