Incessant Rains Lead to Flooding and Displacement in Maua Town

MAUA – Maua Town has been severely affected by floods due to continuous heavy rainfall, resulting in the displacement of residents and the disruption of local businesses. The townspeople of areas such as Iriene, Kaciongo, and Annex are particularly hard-hit, with many reporting that their homes were submerged overnight.

According to Kenya News Agency, the flooding has rendered roads inaccessible, leading to the closure of businesses and churches, and has significantly impacted the miraa trade—a key economic activity in the region—due to the inability of vehicles to transport Khat (miraa) to the market. Residents have highlighted the inadequacy of the existing drainage system and have appealed for government intervention to establish a comprehensive drainage and sewerage infrastructure. Notably, the plight of students set to sit for their KCSE exams has been underscored by Elizabeth Makena, with impassable roads posing a serious risk. Businessman Alex Muthomi emphasized the need for a reliable system to prevent such disruptions in the future. Despite attempts to contact the Maua town administrator for comments, there has been no response.

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