High-Speed Chase Leads to Drug Arrest in ZF Mgcawu District

ZF MGCAWU DISTRICT – In the course of routine operations today on the N10 Road, a driver ignited a police chase after failing to comply with a vehicle checkpoint and fleeing the scene.

According to South African Police Service, the ZFM Highway Patrol, with assistance from the Upington Border Police and the Upington K9 unit, pursued the non-compliant vehicle. The collaborative effort resulted in the successful interception of the car, after which the driver attempted to escape on foot. Police officers gave chase and apprehended the suspect. Upon searching the 47-year-old man, they discovered Tik with an estimated street value of R12,000.00, alongside an undisclosed amount of cash. Both the money and the vehicle, believed to have been used in criminal activities, were confiscated by the police.

The individual has been detained and faces charges of drug dealing, among other offenses related to the pursuit. An appearance in court is expected to follow shortly.

Major General Thabo Mphuthi, the District Commissioner of ZF Mgcawu, has expressed commendation for the teamwork and dedication exhibited by the police officers, reflecting positively on the ongoing efforts to transform the crime landscape within the district.

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