Hansard Association of Kenya Embraces Artificial Intelligence to Boost Efficiency in Parliamentary Reporting

NAIROBI – The Hansard Association of Kenya (HAK) is set to implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to improve the efficiency of parliamentary reporting, a move aimed at ensuring the timely and accurate delivery of legislative records. This initiative, which encompasses members from the National Parliament and County Assemblies, is seen as a critical step toward enhancing the quality and performance of Hansard reporting.

According to Kenya News Agency, Deputy Clerk of the National Assembly, the integration of AI into Hansard operations is vital for supporting the organization’s core mission of bolstering government accountability and transparency. The AI technologies will assist in recording, transcribing, translating, summarizing, and compiling reports on parliamentary and committee proceedings. Kioko’s remarks were made during the 6th Hansard Association of Kenya Annual Conference in Naivasha, where she emphasized the potential of AI to complement human efforts rather than replace them.

The conference also highlighted challenges faced by county Hansard departments, including outdated equipment, insufficient funding, and staffing shortages. Dennis Mutui, the clerk from Machakos County Assembly, acknowledged these issues but also noted the progress in making Hansard a central aspect of legislative processes, which has aided in enhancing transparency and accountability at the county level.

Furthermore, the conference served as a platform for discussing future enhancements, such as the broadcasting of live proceedings and the need for ongoing training in AI technologies for Hansard reporters and editors. Hansard Association of Kenya President George Wanjoko and member Res Ndilai expressed optimism about AI’s role in advancing the quality and accessibility of legislative records, as well as the development of a common Hansard policy to standardize operations across different assemblies.

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