Garissa University Commemorates Attack Anniversary with Anti-Extremism Portal Launch

GARISSA – On the anniversary of the tragic Garissa University attack that claimed 147 lives nine years ago, the National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) has unveiled the Jasiri Observatory, an online information portal aimed at bolstering the fight against violent extremism. This digital platform is dedicated to enhancing public understanding and engagement in countering radical ideologies.

According to Kenya News Agency, the Jasiri Observatory is an educational and interactive resource designed to sensitize and empower Kenyans in identifying and combatting the ideologies of violent extremism. Speaking at the portal’s launch at Garissa University, Nyawira emphasized the importance of public participation in recognizing and challenging extremist narratives, thereby contributing to national security and societal resilience.

The portal is envisioned as a comprehensive tool for raising awareness and facilitating engagement in preventive and counter-extremism efforts. It aims to provide valuable insights into the causes and manifestations of violent extremism, offering strategies for community-based prevention and intervention. The platform is also intended to foster a collaborative approach to preventing violent extremism, linking various stakeholders in a unified network to enhance the effectiveness and coordination of their efforts.

Nyawira highlighted the significance of launching the Jasiri Observatory on the somber anniversary of the Garissa attack, marking it as a time to reflect on the progress and continued commitment to safeguarding Kenya from the threats of terrorism and violent extremism. The observatory is named “Jasiri” – Kiswahili for “resilience” – underscoring its role in fostering a resilient and informed public poised to reject and counteract extremist influences.

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