Former Burkina Faso Minister Comments on Macron’s Loss in European Elections

OUAGADOUGOU – Nestorine Sangaré, a university professor and former minister in the government of Luc Adophe Tiao, publicly celebrated the outcome of the recent European elections, which saw French President Emmanuel Macron’s regime face defeat.

According to Burkina Information Agency, Sangaré characterized Macron’s loss as a significant downfall, metaphorically describing it as “a descent into hell.”

Sangaré, known for her critical views on French foreign policy in Burkina Faso and her advocacy against what she perceives as predatory actions by France, commented on the election’s impact on Macron, whom she refers to with the epithet “crying Jupiter.” Her post discussed her opposition to the French military presence north of Ouagadougou and her challenges to longstanding colonial agreements with France. She argues that these agreements serve more as strategic advantages for France rather than benefiting Burkina Faso, especially considering the ongoing security challenges in the region.

Additionally, Sangaré has been active in issues concerning the management of Burkina Faso’s railways, particularly those managed by French businessman Vincent Bolloré with support from French authorities. She taught at Joseph Ki-Zerbo University from 2002 to 2017 and led the Gender Research and Intervention Center (CRIGED) for several years.

The European elections concluded with a victory for the National Rally, a party often described by French media as far-right and led by a woman. This result prompted President Macron to dissolve the National Assembly and announce new legislative elections scheduled to begin on June 30.