Embu’s Anglican Church Launches Youth and Sports Outreach to Foster Community Change

Embu, Kenya – The Anglican Church of Kenya’s Mbeere Diocese in Embu has initiated a youth and sports outreach program aimed at positively influencing the lives of young people within the community. Bishop Dr. Moses Masamba announced the program’s launch, emphasizing its role in utilizing sports as a catalyst for social change, particularly among boda boda operators and young men and women in the area.

According to Kenya News Agency, the initiative is designed to not only cultivate the gifts and talents of the youth but also to instill family values among young couples and families. Unveiled on Sunday, the program seeks to curb antisocial behaviors by engaging the youth in meaningful activities that can distract them from social vices such as crime, alcoholism, drug abuse, and teenage pregnancies.

“We feel this is an attractive way of engaging the attention of young people to create a platform to promote prevention of social vices. The church has long been passive in community affairs, leading to a disconnect between the church and the community,” Bishop Masamba explained, highlighting the church’s renewed focus on bridging this gap and spreading God’s love.

The diocese has started developing a strategic plan to integrate this program into church activities and set clear objectives for its success. Bishop Masamba’s announcement was met with support from the community, including Josphat Njuki, an official from the boda boda industry, who praised the initiative for bringing them closer to the church and encouraging law-abiding behavior.

Ishiara Football Club’s Team Manager, Jacob Ndwiga, also endorsed the program, noting that engaging young people in sports is an effective way to divert them from deviant behaviors and crime. “This partnership will help young people grow holistically—physically, mentally, and spiritually,” Ndwiga commented, underscoring the comprehensive benefits of the church’s outreach efforts.

The Anglican Church of Kenya’s Mbeere Diocese’s youth and sports outreach program represents a significant step toward addressing social challenges in Embu through inclusive and constructive community engagement.

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