Embu North Reports Eight Candidates Missing KCSE Examinations

EMBU – As the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examinations begin, eight candidates from Embu North Sub-County were absent from the examination halls. This occurrence was confirmed today as the national exams got underway, marking a concern for the local education authorities.

According to Kenya News Agency, out of the absentees, four candidates have been missing since their registration for the exams earlier this year. Ngaira, communicating via a phone call, disclosed that these students vanished from both the examination roster and their homes, leaving their current locations unknown. He remarked that two private candidates also did not present themselves for the exams, though the reasons for their absence remain unexplained. Ngaira emphasized that the authorities are powerless in compelling candidates to sit for the examinations.

The DCC further reported that one of the eight candidates is currently admitted to Mathare National Teaching and Referral Hospital for mental health treatment. Another candidate from Kamama Boys expressed a wish to postpone his examination to the following year due to prolonged illness and lack of preparation.

Ngaira also highlighted logistical challenges faced by the examination centers, necessitating the use of police land cruiser vehicles to navigate deteriorated roads amidst heavy rains. Specifically, the Manyatta-Kivwe-Kamviu marram road servicing some centers has been severely affected. Despite these obstacles, Ngaira assured that examination materials were delivered on time to all centers, thanks to effective contingency planning by the authorities.

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