Electrification Project Launches in Abdoul Services Saaba 2 City, Burkina FasoOVID Real-Estate Launches New Housing Project in Addis AbabaEthiopia Aims to Elevate Its Aviation Sector to New Heights

OUAGADOUGOU, Burkina Faso – The community of Abdoul Services Saaba 2 city expressed their gratitude to the Burkinabe authorities, particularly Minister Bassolma Bazié, for initiating the electrification of their living environment. This announcement was made during a celebration by the Association of Solidarity Residents of the Abdoul Service Saaba 2 city, which also highlighted the themes of unity, cohesion, and sharing. The event marked the commencement of a long-awaited project to bring electricity to the area, a significant step forward for the residents.

According to Burkina Information Agency, Abou Ouattara, the project has been contracted to a private company, PPI, and is expected to be completed within eight months. Ouattara assured residents that the electrification would be extensive enough for every household to have its own power meter. The secretary general of Residents in Solidarity, Mady Sawadogo, celebrated the transition from an improved non-loti to a full housing estate, reflecting on the past challenges where residents feared returning home after 6 p.m. due to safety concerns.

Yssouf Ouédraogo, the president of the Association, extended special thanks to Minister Bassolma Bazié for his pivotal role in revitalizing the project at a crucial time. The minister’s representative, Pama Séni, committed to regular site visits and reporting back to the authorities, while urging community members to stay united. The initiative has also received blessings from local traditional chiefs and notables, who wished for ongoing improvements in the residents’ living conditions.

Additionally, the Association of Solidarity Residents submitted a memorandum to the authorities, outlining further needs for the community, including road, educational, health, and sanitation infrastructure, as well as the construction of a police station and the provision of social amenities like a library, sports field, and recreational areas. Kassoum Kaboré, the prefect-president of the special Saaba delegation, acknowledged these requests and announced plans to inaugurate a CSPS (Health and Social Promotion Center) to enhance the area’s health services shortly.

To conclude the event, the Association of Solidarity Residents of the Abdoul Service Saaba 2 city awarded certificates of recognition to those who contribute daily to improving the community’s living conditions and fostering social cohesion.

ADDIS ABABA—OVID Real-Estate, affiliated with the OVID Group, announced today the initiation of its latest housing project within the Ethiopian capital. In a significant move to address the city’s housing shortage, the company has also offered a one-day sale of homes at a 40 percent discount. These multi-purpose residences, currently under construction in the heart of Addis Ababa, are expected to provide both a solution to housing demands and an enhancement to the city’s visual appeal.

According to Ethiopian News Agency, Daniel Abebe, OVID Real-Estate aims to mitigate housing scarcity by introducing various alternative solutions and is actively collaborating with stakeholders in Ethiopia’s housing development sector to achieve this goal. The company’s recent completion of modern residential houses within an 18-month period underscores the potential within Ethiopia’s housing market. Additionally, OVID Group has finalized a project study to launch a public cable car transportation service in Addis Ababa, further indicating its commitment to urban development and innovation.

ADDIS ABABA—The National Air Transport Facility Committee declared Ethiopia’s intention to further enhance its already notable achievements in the aviation industry. This commitment comes as Ethiopian Airlines, the nation’s flag carrier and Africa’s largest airline, continues to introduce modern systems to uphold Ethiopia’s positive image globally.

According to Ethiopian News Agency, Ethiopian Airlines has garnered international acclaim, winning several prestigious aviation awards due to its operational efficiency and success. These accomplishments were highlighted during a six-month performance review by the committee.

Transport and Logistics Minister Alemu Sime remarked on Ethiopia’s significant progress in air transport, outlining plans to continue this advancement with the implementation of new systems and reforms aimed at increasing global competitiveness. Ethiopian Airlines is not only a source of national pride but also a key player on the international stage, Sime added, promising that the airline will keep addressing challenges with strict discipline and effective operations to remain a preferred global carrier.

Ethiopian Airlines Group CEO, Mesfin Tassew, reported a 29 percent increase in passenger numbers, a 14 percent rise in revenue, and a 22 percent growth in profit compared to the previous year. With a fleet of 145 aircraft and additional orders placed for new planes, Tassew stressed the airline’s commitment to continuous improvement and success through the adoption of modern technologies and operational strategies.

Furthermore, Ethiopian Federal Police Deputy Commissioner General, Zelalem Mengistie, assured the ongoing implementation of advanced technologies to maintain safety and security for the airline, with vigilant monitoring of criminal activities around the airport and prompt legal actions when necessary. Ethiopian Civil Aviation Director General, Getachew Mengistie, confirmed the airline’s flight safety standards are in line with international benchmarks, as verified by audits from global organizations.