Center-East Burkina Faso: Several Terrorists Eliminated in Kankanmogré Forest

OUAGADOUGOU: In a significant blow to terrorist activities in Burkina Faso, several terrorists were eliminated this Saturday near the Kankanmogré forest in the Center-East region. The operation involved both land and aerial offensives, according to consistent sources.

According to Burkina Information Agency, Cornered by ongoing military efforts, the terrorists were caught under a shed in the Kankanmogré area on November 11, 2023. A missile strike targeted them and their motorcycles, resulting in many casualties. The surviving terrorists attempted to flee on foot towards Yourga, where they encountered other fugitives.

Despite their efforts to find refuge, aerial forces effectively neutralized a large portion of this group. Ground troops further engaged the remaining fugitives, significantly depleting their numbers.

The operations are part of a broader initiative to restore peace and security in the region. This decisive action by the Burkina Faso military highlights the ongoing commitment to combat terrorism and maintain stability within the nation.

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