CDA Collaborates with Local CBO for Mangrove Planting and Beach Cleanup

Mombasa – In an effort to enhance the protection of marine ecosystems, the Coast Development Authority (CDA) has joined forces with the Akili Kadhaa Community-Based Organization (CBO) to plant mangrove propagules along the coastline in Kisauni Constituency, Mombasa. This initiative comes at a time when Mombasa has been experiencing above-average rainfall, leading to extensive flooding in most estates, with much of the stormwater flowing into the sea.

According to Kenya News Agency, who led the activities in Junda Ward, more than 1000 mangrove propagules were planted. The event also included a beach cleanup to mitigate sea pollution and improve the marine ecosystem. During the activity, local youths were informed about various job opportunities in the blue economy sector.

Mwinyi highlighted that most waste polluting the beaches originates from areas as distant as Mikindani and Bangladesh in Jomvu Constituency. He appealed to Beach Management Units (BMUs) to maintain cleanliness on their beaches, emphasizing the importance of a clean beach environment and mangrove planting for sustaining the local fishing industry. Mwinyi urged other corporates to participate in tree-growing initiatives, aligning with the Presidential directive to plant 15 billion trees by 2032.

Furthermore, Mwinyi pointed out the potential of fishing and seafaring as key employment opportunities for coastal youths. He encouraged local youths to take advantage of these well-paying global careers and stressed the need for more sensitization in this area.

The Chairman commended Akili Kadhaa CBO for initiating the tree-growing project and serving as a link between the community and government agencies in implementing government policies. Ali Mwaito, Chairman of Mshomoroni Beach Management Unit, stated their commitment to increasing awareness among fisherfolk about the importance of planting and protecting mangroves, which are crucial for fish nursery areas.

Riziki Kibwana, a member of Akili Kadhaa CBO, pledged to involve youths in beach clean-ups as a way to prevent them from engaging in drug and substance abuse and joining juvenile gangs.

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