Busia County to Receive 800,000 Mosquito Nets in Malaria Prevention Effort

BUSIA – The Kenyan national government has announced the allocation of 800,000 Long-Lasting Insecticidal Mosquito Nets (LLINs) to Busia County in a bid to curb the high prevalence of malaria, a significant health concern in the region. This initiative is part of a collaborative effort involving the Global Fund, USAID, and the US Presidential Malaria Initiative.

According to Kenya News Agency, detailed plans for the registration and distribution of the nets are underway, with specific dates to be announced following a series of stakeholder and community meetings. The strategy includes engaging Community Health Promoters for a thorough registration process at the household level, emphasizing the importance of community cooperation for successful distribution.

Dr. Onyango highlighted the critical situation of malaria in Busia, where 39% of health facility visits are due to this disease, illustrating the urgent need for effective prevention measures. He emphasized the significance of the nets in reducing malaria transmission and clarified misconceptions regarding their use, addressing community concerns about potential links between the nets and bedbugs.

Residents are encouraged to participate actively in the registration process, requiring a mobile phone and a national identity card. Furthermore, they are advised to dispose of any mosquito nets received in 2021, as their effectiveness diminishes over time, underscoring the importance of using the new nets for optimal protection.

The distribution campaign represents a comprehensive effort to engage various community stakeholders, including health officials, ministry representatives, religious leaders, and members of the transportation and youth sectors, ensuring a collaborative approach to enhancing public health in Busia County.

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