Busia County Football League 2023/2024 Season Set to Commence This Weekend

NAIROBI – The 2023/2024 season of the Busia County Football League is scheduled to commence this weekend, featuring a series of exciting matches across two zones. The league, which is a significant event in the local football calendar, promises to bring together talented teams from across the county.

According to Kenya News Agency, there will be 10 matches divided between Zone A and Zone B. Zone A comprises 13 teams, including Boca Junior, FC Amagoro, Kakemer, Kakurkit, Kamolo, Kamuriai, Katakwa, Kakalet, Kiriko, Kokare, Korisai, Okuleu, and Rwatama. Meanwhile, Zone B features eight teams, namely Angorom FC, Bosman Knights, Sikinga Select, Mabale United, Nyumba Kumi, Olepito Youngstars, Outgrowers FC, and Simuli Youth.

The matches for Zone A, scheduled for Saturday, November 11, include Kiriko hosting Amagoro at Kiriko Primary School, Katakwa facing Korisai at Katakwa Primary School, and Kekemer playing against Okuleu at Kekemer Primary School. The following day, Sunday, will see Rwatama going head-to-head with Kamolo at Rwatama Primary School, Kamuriai competing against Kamolo at Kokare Primary School, and Kakalet welcoming Kakurikit at Kakalet Primary School.

In Zone B, Saturday’s games feature Olepito playing against Nyumba Kumi at Olepito Primary School and Sikinga Select facing off against Simuli Youth. On Sunday, Outgrowers FC will meet Mabale United at Mubwayo Primary School, and Bosman Knights will clash with Angorom at Buhuyi Primary School.

All matches for both Zone A and B are scheduled to kick off at 1.00 pm, setting the stage for what promises to be a weekend full of competitive football action. The Busia County Football League is an important platform for local talent to showcase their skills and for teams to vie for dominance in regional football.