Burkina Faso’s President Calls for Unity Among Football Players

OUAGADOUGOU – In a recent call for harmony within Burkina Faso’s football community, President Ibrahim Traoré emphasized the importance of setting aside differences for the greater good of the nation and future generations. This call was made following a gala match that featured a face-off between the presidential team and professional players.

According to Burkina Information Agency, Captain Ibrahim Traoré spoke on June 29, 2024, after the match, urging the nation’s footballers to prioritize national unity, cohesion, and solidarity. “I always like to take the example of the mouth where we have teeth and tongue. When eating you can bite your tongue, but that doesn’t mean you will remove your tongue from your mouth. We cannot be together without having some difficulties. That’s life. All of us, as many as we are, surpass everything for the interest of the Fatherland,” Traoré explained. He also highlighted the importance of fostering innovative projects to cultivate young talents and pledged his support for initiatives that promote upcoming generations.

The President’s message resonated with the Stallions, the national football team, whose members, including Charles Kaboré and Moumouni Dagano, expressed their gratitude for his support. They appreciated the opportunity the gala match provided to strengthen ties with the president, who they regard as the team’s foremost supporter.

Traoré’s call to action focuses on using sport as a vehicle for national unity and development, ensuring that efforts in football extend beyond the field to seed social cohesion across the country. “You sow the seeds of cohesion in the nooks and crannies of the country when you play. I am proud of you. Go everywhere, look for the seed, come and sow. We will support you,” he concluded.

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