Burkina Faso’s Defense Minister Calls for Divine Blessing on Tour du Faso

BOROMO — At the conclusion of the Tour du Faso’s seventh stage in Boromo, the Minister of State, Minister of Defense and Veterans, Kassoum Coulibaly, invoked divine and ancestral blessings for the event’s peaceful progression and conclusion.

According to Burkina Information Agency, Minister Coulibaly expressed a heartfelt plea for the remaining stages of the 34th Tour du Faso to unfold and conclude without incident, highlighting a spirit of fair competition. Coulibaly conveyed his hopes for the race to be characterized by fairness, underscoring Burkina Faso’s welcoming nature and commitment to sportsmanship.

The Minister emphasized gratitude for the peaceful completion of the current stage, attributing this tranquility to divine providence and the sanction of the event by state authorities, including the Head of State. His commendation extended to the Minister of Youth and Sports for the organization and encouragement to government officials to engage with the event.

Minister Coulibaly, attending the Tour for the first time, expressed his astonishment at the event’s atmosphere and the audience’s enthusiasm, especially given the theme of resilience. He noted that his participation, along with other government members, signified a collective appreciation for the event’s significance.