Bungoma Residents Contribute to National Budget Process at Public Forum

Bungoma, Kenya — In Bungoma County, citizens had the opportunity to participate in shaping the nation’s budget for the forthcoming financial years during a public forum on Wednesday.

According to Kenya News Agency, the Principal Secretary for the State Department for Micro, Medium, and Small Enterprises, this participatory budgeting session is part of a broader initiative taking place nationwide. The forum, held at Kibabii University Hall, aimed to involve citizens in the development of the Fiscal Strategy Paper, which will inform the 2024-2025 and 2026-2027 medium-term budget.

Mang’eni emphasized the government’s commitment to engaging the public in financial decision-making, ensuring that community input guides the management of fiscal resources. The approach aligns with the Public Finance Management Act, 2012, which mandates public involvement in budgetary processes.

During the session, participants expressed their preferences for the county’s priority areas, impacting how national resources will be distributed. However, concerns were raised about the current state of public participation, citing poor coordination leading to role duplications, conflicts, and competition for resources.

The forum’s discussions are expected to inform the implementation of President William Ruto’s Bottom-up Economic Transformation Agenda by identifying key priorities. With this initiative, the government seeks to ensure that national planning reflects the public’s views from the grassroots level.

The public participation exercise is scheduled to be completed across all Kenyan counties by the end of the week, setting the stage for the next phase in the budget-making process.