Boulsa Launches Municipal Book Week to Revitalize Reading Culture

BOULSA — The municipal book week opened in Boulsa on Tuesday, marking the beginning of a five-day event dedicated to promoting reading and literature in the Center-North region of Namentenga. The event, organized by the Center for Public Reading and Cultural Animation (CELPAC), was inaugurated by the High Commissioner of Namentenga, Adama Conseiga.

According to Burkina Information Agency, the main facilitator of CELPAC, the initiative aims to restore the significance of books in society amidst a decline in traditional reading habits, attributed to the rise of digital screens. The book week, running from May 14 to 18, features a variety of activities including drawing and reading competitions, poetry sessions, a conference addressing school dropout issues, film screenings, and board games.

The event attracted notable figures, including the ceremony’s sponsor Nazindngounba Félix Kaboré, and the president of the Nayinéré Association for the Development of Namentenga students, alongside local administrative authorities. Kaboré highlighted alternative reading platforms such as telephones and televisions, which can also serve as educational tools.

The week’s launch was celebrated with performances of the national anthems of Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger by students from the Boulsa provincial high school. In his remarks, Commissioner Conseiga commended the efforts of CELPAC facilitators and the support from partners in organizing the event.

The closing ceremony featured the presentation of a collection of books to CELPAC by the sponsor, aimed at enriching the center’s resources for public use.