Bobo-Dioulasso Gears Up for the 21st Edition of National Culture Week with Minister’s Approval

BOBO-DIOULASSO — The Minister of State, Minister of Communication, Culture, Arts, and Tourism, Jean Emmanuel Ouédraogo, expressed satisfaction with the ongoing preparations for the 21st National Culture Week (SNC) during his visit to Bobo-Dioulasso this Saturday. The event, organized by the National Organizing Committee for the biennial 2024, received high praise for its advanced stage of readiness.

According to Burkina Information Agency, under the leadership of the president of the national organizing committee for the 21st edition of the SNC, Bétamou Fidèle Aymar Tamince, the preparation efforts were deemed “very satisfactory.” This assessment came during a meeting held at the Maison de la culture in Bobo-Dioulasso with the commission presidents and vice-presidents. The Secretary-General of the National Culture Week, Kohoun Moïse, provided a detailed review of each commission’s progress, indicating overall positive outcomes thus far.

Minister Ouédraogo lauded the dedication of all parties involved in the event’s preparation, extending his congratulations and encouragement for the work completed to date. He emphasized the importance of attention to detail and called for continued efforts to ensure the 21st edition’s success remains a landmark event in the history of National Culture Week.

In addition to the committee meeting, Minister Ouédraogo and the Minister of Sports, Dr. Boubakar Savadogo, visited the Aboubacar Sangoulé Lamizana stadium, the venue for the official opening ceremony of the SNC. Despite noting some difficulties with the athletics track, which is slated to host the parade of regional troops and other displays, Minister Savadogo assured that these challenges would be addressed to ensure a successful and enjoyable opening ceremony for attendees.