Bardhere District Grapples with Flood Havoc Following Autumn Rains

Bardhere — The Gedo region, including Bardhere town, is experiencing severe flooding due to the recent autumn rains, leading to significant displacement and damage.

According to Somlai National News Agency, the last 24 hours have witnessed a drastic increase in rainfall, causing rivers to overflow and floodwaters to rise, displacing hundreds and trapping more within the region. The floods have resulted in loss of life, destruction of property, and forced many families to evacuate their homes.

Commissioner Korah emphasized the dire need for immediate relief efforts, highlighting that all neighborhoods in Bardhere have suffered due to the floods, which have led to a large-scale displacement from the Gedo region. He has issued a plea to the government and the Jubaland administration for swift assistance to support the flood-affected families.

The impact of the seasonal rains extends to the Bay region, where Baidoa, the administrative capital of the Southwest State, has also been hard hit by the flooding. Images from Baidoa reveal extensive damage, with many neighborhoods rendered inaccessible and residents forced to leave their homes.

Senator Adam Abdinasir of the South West State in the Upper House has joined the district commissioner in calling for urgent aid. He urged the Federal Government and international organizations to provide immediate support to those affected. The situation remains critical, with a pressing need for interventions to assist these communities in recovery and rebuilding efforts.

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