Banwa High Commissioner Spearheads Clean-Up Initiative in Solenzo

BANWA — Oumarou Sandwidi, the Banwa High Commissioner, led a significant communal effort in Solenzo, mobilizing local officials, department heads, and residents to undertake a substantial clean-up operation within the town, focusing on various public spaces and facilities.

According to local reports, the clean-up event, part of the days dedicated to patriotic commitment and citizen participation, saw enthusiastic participation from the Solenzo community. Following a flag-raising ceremony on March 26, citizens equipped with cleaning tools took to the streets on April 2, 2024, to remove trash and debris from the town’s market, health center (CMA), and service areas.

Market vendor Zourata Ouedraogo expressed gratitude and optimism regarding the initiative, noting the unprecedented level of cleanliness achieved at the market. Ouedraogo’s statement reflected a broader community sentiment, anticipating that the initiative would inspire similar actions within residential areas to enhance the town’s overall environment.

The High Commissioner praised the community’s engagement and resilience, emphasizing the importance of maintaining such efforts to improve Solenzo’s aesthetic and sanitary conditions. By championing this initiative, Sandwidi aims to foster a sense of pride and responsibility among residents, encouraging them to view regular clean-up activities as integral to nurturing a welcoming and livable urban space.