Balé High Commissioner Urges Civic Engagement and Patriotism During National Citizenship Week

Boromo — The High Commissioner of Balé Province, Ibrahim Boly, called on citizens to demonstrate civic-mindedness and patriotism at the launch of National Citizenship Week on Monday, October 23, 2023.

According to Burkina Information Agency, the event commenced with a ceremonial hoisting of the national colors at the Boromo High Commission, witnessed by the various established bodies of the province. The flag-raising was conducted by the Boromo military detachment, adhering to military customs.

The day’s activities began with the raising of the national flag and were followed by the attentive listening of the Head of State’s message, which was communicated by High Commissioner Boly. In his speech, Boly underscored the government’s commitment to reinforcing civic values and urged the population to internalize the objectives of the National Citizenship Week.

“Let us adopt the values of civic-mindedness, integrity, and patriotism in our everyday behavior as a family as well as in our services,” Boly articulated.

Highlighting the critical role these values play in the country’s efforts to reclaim its territories, Boly implored provincial directors of national education to actively promote understanding of national symbols and the republic’s coat of arms among students. He emphasized the importance of students learning the national anthem and participating in radio contests on citizenship themes running from October 23 to 30.

Boly concluded by acknowledging the robust participation and enthusiasm displayed by the community during the event’s initiation.