Athi River Official Warns Parents to Keep Children Away from Flooded Rivers

In Athi River, residents are being cautioned to keep a close watch on their children near water bodies, as the ongoing heavy rains throughout the country pose significant dangers.

According to Kenya News Agency, Athi River Ward representative Jeremiah Kaloi emphasized the need for parental vigilance, especially with schools closed for the long holiday. He advised parents to ensure that their children avoid loitering along rivers and bridges, where the risk of accidents due to raging waters is high. Kaloi’s warning is particularly directed towards residents of Kaswito, City cotton slums, Kanaani, and Kwa mangeli in Athi River Sub County, areas proximate to River Athi, and known for their heightened risk during heavy rainfall.

“I have observed several children around the bridge crossing River Athi, and it’s crucial for parents to engage with their children, keeping them occupied on farms or indoors with their studies,” Kaloi stated. He made these remarks while speaking at Kyumbi town, near Machakos Town, during a public participation forum on the Annual Development Plan for the 2024-2025 Financial Year.

In addition to his warning to parents, Kaloi also advised residents living near rivers in the area to move to higher ground as a precautionary measure against potential flooding. He noted that the heavy rains have caused local rivers to overflow, posing a risk to those living in low-lying areas. “It’s better to prioritize safety and take preventive action rather than face regrettable consequences later,” Kaloi added, highlighting the importance of proactive measures during this period of heavy rains.

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