Announcement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the dispatch of humanitarian aid to Syria (16.5.2023)

Another shipment of humanitarian aid to earthquake-affected areas is ready for departure as the Neptune Odyssey is scheduled to sail from the port of Piraeus tomorrow, Wednesday, May 17, 2023, heading for Beirut. Humanitarian supplies will be received in Beirut and transported by road to Syria with the assistance of the Syrian Red Crescent. The shipment, weighing 17 tons, includes basic necessities and food and is part of the relief effort of Greek citizens collected by the Municipality of Athens. The ship for the transport of the humanitarian aid is offered pro bono by Neptune Lines Shipping & Managing Enterprises, owned by Melina Travlos.

Greece, with feelings of support and solidarity, responded from the very first moment to the needs of the neighbouring peoples for humanitarian aid. Tomorrow’s dispatch is part of a series of actions undertaken by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to coordinate the organization, collection and dispatch of humanitarian supplies to the areas affected by the earthquakes of 6 February 2023.