Strikes a Blow in the Digital Sports Arena With Free Live Stream of Wardley vs. Clarke Bout

LONDON, March 28, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Inc. (NASDAQ: LTRY, LTRYW), announces that it has obtained the rights to live stream the March 31 heavyweight title fight between Frazier Clarke and Fabio Wardley. The live stream will now be available to view for free for millions of sports fans in Africa, via the website., in partnership with the fastest-growing UK boxing promotional company, BOXXER and Sky Sports in the UK and Ireland will live stream the highly anticipated boxing match between Wardley and Clarke at the iconic O2 Arena in London. has entered into an agreement with BOXXER to provide live coverage through the platform in Africa, working with local telecoms partners, such as Vodacom to give free access to many millions of viewers.

This partnership underscores’s commitment to bringing inclusivity, innovation, and entertainment to sports. BOXXER, known for its commitment to the grassroots of the sport and for delivering sell-out world championship boxing events, aligns perfectly with our mission to enhance the sports viewing experience.

African based sports fans can sign up via local mobile operators, such as their Vodacom connection to watch the fight on the platform. With a focus on providing more content to sports fans in underserved markets through regions including the Middle East and Africa, is poised to be the leading provider of sports content in frontier markets to hundreds of millions of viewers.

Majed Al Sorour, President of and formerly CEO of Golf Saudi, Managing Director of LIV Golf, and Board Member and Director of Newcastle United Football Club commented:

“Our partnership with BOXXER marks a significant step in making sport more accessible. Streaming the Wardley vs. Clarke fight in Africa showcases our commitment to enhancing the fan experience through digital innovation. This effort reflects our broader mission to connect and engage sports communities globally, particularly in emerging and frontier markets.”

Tamer Hassan, renowned actor, entrepreneur, undefeated amateur boxer, founder of The Tamer Hassan Academy of Acting and former owner of the Eltham and District Amateur Boxing Club where Sir Henry Cooper learned the ropes added:

“As a member of’s Board and someone with a deep connection to boxing, I see can see exactly how this initiative aligns with our aim to support talent and provide fans with engaging content. Streaming the Wardley vs. Clarke fight is just the start, and I am excited to contribute my experience towards expanding our content portfolio, particularly to broaden fan access in regions such as MENA and Sub-Saharan Africa.”

Matthew McGahan, Chairman and CEO of, said:

“Our collaboration with BOXXER for the live broadcast of Wardley vs. Clarke is the first of what we anticipate will be many content partnerships. This deal is a model for future collaborations that will unify content owners, broadcasters, and mobile operators, broadening our horizons in the sports entertainment landscape.”

BOXXER Founder and CEO, Ben Shalom, said:

“We’re delighted to kickstart a partnership with – both BOXXER and are focused on innovation in their respective fields and bringing sport to wider audiences around the globe. The event this Sunday headlined by Fabio Wardley and Frazer Clarke’s mammoth clash will allow’s audience to watch a heavyweight grudge match that fans have been clamouring for, for a long time. We can’t wait to get started.”

The app is available for download from all major app stores and has been designed to transform how fans engage with sports content. It includes innovative features such as live streaming, interactive player engagement, and a social media ecosystem tailored for sports enthusiasts.

For more information please contact:

About is on a mission to become the premier destination for sports entertainment, offering an unparalleled array of interactive and engaging sports content. Our platform is designed to connect fans, athletes, and sports influencers in a unique digital ecosystem, making the go-to destination for sports enthusiasts across the globe.

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Eastern Region Mission Manager Visits Kompienga to Support Terror-Affected Community

KOMPIENGA – On Monday, March 25, 2024, Dr. Boalidioa Tankoana, the mission manager for Burkina Faso’s Eastern region, made a significant visit to Pama, the capital of Kompienga province. This visit was part of a broader effort to offer encouragement and support to the residents of an area that has been significantly impacted by terrorist activities over the past two years.

According to Burkina Information Agency, during his visit, Dr. Tankoana engaged with a wide cross-section of the community, including traditional leaders, youth representatives, heads of administrative services, women, and members of citizen monitoring units. The main objective of this outreach was to bolster the morale of a population that has faced considerable challenges due to ongoing security issues.

The local community expressed their gratitude towards the President of the Transition, Captain Ibrahim Traoré, and the combined forces of the FDS (Defense and Security Forces) and VDP (Volunteers for the Defense of the Homeland) for their efforts in ensuring the delivery of food and various other essential goods to the province through convoys. Additionally, the residents celebrated the reinstatement of municipal, livestock, and agricultural officials, which marks a step towards normalcy in the region’s governance and economic activities.

A request was also made to Dr. Tankoana for the arrangement of another supply convoy before the onset of the rainy season, highlighting the ongoing logistical and security challenges faced by the province. Dr. Tankoana assured those present that their concerns and requests would be communicated to the relevant authorities, underlining a commitment to addressing the needs of the Kompienga community as they navigate through these difficult times.

Dakola Border Police Station Upgraded to International Standards with IOM Support

DAKOLA – On March 28, 2024, the Minister Delegate responsible for Security, Divisional Police Commissioner Mahamadou Sana, presided over the inauguration of the Dakola border police station. This significant development, situated on the frontier between Burkina Faso and Ghana, represents a collaborative achievement between the Burkinabe government and the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

According to Burkina Information Agency, a representative of the IOM, the construction of the Dakola facility was made possible through the effective partnership between Burkina Faso’s government and the international body. The new infrastructure is designed to align with international standards in migration management, specifically in the processing of passengers. Equipped with the MIDAS system—an integrated computerized tool for managing migration data—the station is set to enhance the operational capabilities of border personnel.

The establishment of the Dakola border police station, featuring state-of-the-art equipment, aims to instill a sense of pride among local populations and refurbish the image of Burkina Faso internationally. The president of the special delegation of the commune of Pô, Ilassa Dianda, and the representative of the traditional chief of Dakola, Salif Ayiyaré Koudoguèri, both underscored the facility’s significance as a national showcase.

Minister Sana lauded the local community’s enthusiastic reception of the project, highlighting the crucial role of border post personnel in bolstering security in remote regions. He also commended the IOM and its partners for their ongoing trust in Burkina Faso, acknowledging the challenges faced by the country.

In his remarks, Sana pledged to ensure the efficient management of the new infrastructure and equipment, in cooperation with all stakeholders involved in its operation. The inauguration ceremony was also marked by blessings from the customary authorities of Dakola, who prayed for the success of forces engaged in national defense efforts.

Additionally, the event celebrated the commissioning of border posts at Hamélé and Kosso in the South-West region and Lan in the Center-West region, further strengthening Burkina Faso’s border security infrastructure.

Burkina Faso Catholics Commemorate Good Friday with Poignant Reenactment

OUAGADOUGOU – In a solemn observance of Good Friday, the Catholic community of Saint-André de Saaba parish, located on the northern outskirts of Ouagadougou, deeply engaged in the commemoration of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and death. The event, detailed by the AIB, underscores a tradition that, although thousands of miles and years removed from the original event, connects the faithful to the sacredness of this pivotal moment in Christian doctrine.

According to Burkina Information Agency, the parishioners, early on Friday, gathered to witness a dramatic representation of the Stations of the Cross, enacted with notable intensity by the parish’s youth. Throughout the fourteen stations, the portrayal of Jesus’ suffering—from his arrest and trial to his crucifixion—was vividly brought to life, complete with the physical abuse meted out by actors playing Roman soldiers. Their convincing performance, particularly at the seventh station where ‘Jesus’ stumbled and fell under the weight of the cross for the second time, elicited strong emotional responses from the audience. The cries of women in the procession, blending with the simulated violence, blurred the lines between performance and reality for many attendees, some of whom were moved to tears, while others turned away, overwhelmed by the raw depiction of cruelty.

The priest presiding over the event called on the congregation to spend the day in contemplation of the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ, urging them to absorb and live out the profound lessons of obedience to God, love, and sacrifice for others that this observance embodies.

Following this day of reflection and remembrance, the Catholic community will observe a day of silence on Saturday, leading up to Easter Sunday’s celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection, symbolizing his triumph over death.

Burkinabè Slammer Otemptic Champions Patriotism in New Single to Combat Terrorism

OUAGADOUGOU – In a heartfelt call to her fellow citizens, Burkinabè slam poet Adjaratou Kabré, known by her stage name Otemptic, is leveraging her latest single, ‘De tous les couleurs’ (‘Of All Colors’), to foster patriotism and unity in the face of the terrorism that has troubled Burkina Faso for nearly a decade.

According to Burkina Information Agency, her artistic expression serves as her sole weapon in the ongoing battle against terrorism. Her single aims to provoke reflection among the Burkinabè people about their individual and collective roles in the country’s security situation. Through ‘Of All Colors,’ she explores the diverse reactions and behaviors of her compatriots when confronted with the challenges of terrorism, urging everyone to consider whether they are mere observers, active participants, or bystanders in this struggle.

Otemptic, who is also pursuing a master’s degree in conflict management and peacebuilding, alongside her careers as a Disk Jockey (DJ) and musician, has dedicated herself to using slam poetry as a means of societal awakening since 2019. She views her art not just as a passion but as a crucial tool for raising awareness about the importance of peace and patriotism.

Expressing a deep commitment to her community, Otemptic reveals her ambition to work within a humanitarian organization, aiming to make a significant impact on society. Despite her multifaceted career, she remains focused on her musical journey, with ‘Of All Colors’ being her debut single in the disc market. The release of its music video is eagerly anticipated on YouTube by April 13, with an almost complete album set to launch on June 28, contingent on divine will.