Micro Insurance Company and Lofte Kesho Are Partnering to Offer Digital Solutions to Livestock Farmers

NEW YORK, Aug. 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Micro Insurance Company (MIC) and Lofte Kesho are partnering to offer digital solutions to livestock farmers in an effort to improve their economic well-being. Lofte Kesho, an integrated FinTech and AgriTech player, was created to help farmers collateralize animals as assets for financial benefits such as loans, working capital, cow replacement loans, and investment loans. They have also created unique systems for animal identification as well as the process of tokenizing animals using blockchain.

Lofte Kesho is partnering with Micro Insurance Company in an effort to strengthen their mission of helping farmers to unlock the financial benefits associated with their livestock. By partnering with MIC, farmers will now be able to insure their livestock, which gives them access to credit opportunities – as they will now be able to use their insured livestock as collateral. This will help improve the financial state for many farmers. Furthermore, MIC is also offering a life and hospitalization cover to the middle and low segment Livestock farmers to safeguard them against many of the risks they face, so when the unexpected happens, they are able to bounce back swiftly.

Ms. Wairimu Njoki, Country Manager, Micro Insurance Company, says:

“We are pleased to be partnering with Lofte Kesho as they improve the inclusivity of livestock farmers for enhanced access to financial solutions. Farmers have always held assets through their livestock but are often locked out of financial access because historically, financial institutions have not considered livestock as a good form of security. By MIC insuring farmers’ livestock, it has enabled financial institutions to get on board with accepting livestock as a secure asset, and thus, feel confident in accepting it as collateral.”

Bernard Njathi, Co-Founder of Lofte Kesho, says:

“Our farmers are faced with multiple challenges. According to the World Bank, by the year 2050, food demand will increase by 70%. So what does this really mean? We need to support our farmers – both our Crop and Livestock farmers. This is why Lofte Kesho Kenya Limited acknowledges that our livestock farmers are not necessarily poor but lack a supportive ecosystem that properly promotes and unlocks animal identification, valuation, insurance and animal collateralized loans. As a result, Lofte Kesho is excited to partner with Micro Insurance Company to further our aim of providing value-added services to livestock farmers in the areas of animal health, nutrition, and productivity. Our partnership with MIC will further enhance our ability to offer peace of mind to livestock farmers.”

MIC and Lofte Kesho join forces to address both the financial and insurance inclusivity against the marginalized – using the FarmTrek platform as a route to access these services. This partnership combines Lofte Kesho’s knowledge of livestock along with MIC’s expertise in product design to ensure optimal product consideration and adjusted premiums.

About Lofte Kesho

Founded in 2018 with headquarters in Kenya, Lofte Kesho is an integrated FinTech and AgriTech player offering an animal identification and traceability platform. In partnership with InfoCorp Technologies, Lofte Kesho has rolled out FarmTrek, a solution that brings inclusive financial services to the livestock industry in emerging markets via its blockchain-based platform. Lofte Kesho works with smallholder farmers to unlock financial benefits associated with their animals.

For more information, please contact Bernard.Njathi@loftekesho.com or visit: https://www.loftekesho.com/

About Micro Insurance Company

Micro Insurance Company (MIC) is a global insurance platform delivering technology, underwriting, policy management, and distribution. MIC provides insurance to platforms, micro & small businesses, and to the 4 billion people on the planet that are currently unserved. Whereas most insurtechs seek to improve existing monoline products and markets, we follow the concept of straight through processing. We do this in order to create highly relevant insurance products that we can offer globally at a very low cost via our platform to support people in their local communities. Micro Insurance Company is the world’s first global end-to-end digital microinsurance platform that combines reinsurance capacity, in-country insurance licenses, world class distribution, and market leading AI functionality.

For more information, please contact wairimu.njoki@microinsurance.com or visit: https://microinsurance.com/

Customertimes Announces Expanded Salesforce Industries Focus

NEW YORK, Aug. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Customertimes is announcing an expanded focus on its Salesforce Industries practice throughout EMEA and North America.

With the acquisition of Vlocity in 2020, Salesforce continues its push into industry vertical solutions. Customertimes is a Salesforce Master Navigator, and with deep experience across all Salesforce Industry clouds, it is well-positioned to deliver outstanding business results for any industry project.

Internationally recognized for its strong Salesforce partnership, this practice expansion will allow Customertimes to continue to deliver true digital transformation for complex verticals like Financial Services, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Comms & Media, and Utilities.

“Currently, the industry is experiencing a huge gap in Vlocity skills,” says Rinoy Varkey, Practice Head & SVP Salesforce Industries (Vlocity) at Customertimes. “We are here to fill that gap. We have the right people in place at the right time – our 800+ certified global Salesforce consultants can handle any project from the ground up or help with staff augmentation on existing projects.”

“With more than 1400 Salesforce certifications and leading Salesforce Industries Cloud experts on our team, we are known for our value-driven service offerings and efficient program delivery,” adds Adriano Acciaroli, VP EMEA at Customertimes. “We have engagement models that suit any region or customer segment with uncompromising quality and support.”

Key areas of engagement currently include Enterprise Product Modelling, Enterprise Product Catalog Development/Configuration, CPQ Technical Architecture, CPQ Development/Configuration, and OmniStudio Consultation/Development.

To learn more:

About Customertimes 
Customertimes Corp. is a global consulting and software firm dedicated to making the top IT technologies accessible to customers. With more than 4000 projects completed and 1300+ highly skilled experts, their solutions are engineered to help clients realize true business transformation and achieve maximum value from their technology investments. An early entrant into the Salesforce consulting and implementation space in Eastern Europe and an award-winning product development organization, Customertimes Corp. currently has headquarters in New York City, along with regional offices in London, Paris, Toronto, Kyiv, Minsk, Riga, and Moscow. For more information, visit www.customertimes.com.

Media Contact:
Meriel Sikora

Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the arrival in Greece of an Afghan citizen working for the Delegation of the European Union in Kabul (25.08.2021)

An Afghan citizen, who worked for the Delegation of the European Union in Kabul, as well as his family members, a total of 8 people, arrived in Athens today via Madrid.

The aforementioned persons were evacuated from Afghanistan a few days ago and were provided with assistance by our Embassy in Madrid.

Their arrival and stay in Greece are conducted in coordination with the Ministry of Citizen Protection and the Ministry of Migration and Asylum.

Alternate Minister of Foreign Affairs Miltiadis Varvitsiotis’ interview on PARAPOLITIKA FM 90.1 radio station (24.08.2021)

“Greece will not become a country of mass entry of refugees and immigrants, as in 2015”, stated Alternate Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Miltiadis Varvitsiotis, in an interview on PARAPOLITIKA FM 90.1 radio station with journalist Thanasis Fouskidis. As he added, “what distinguishes us from the opposition is that we do not subscribe to the logic that ‘we have opened our borders and we are waiting for you’ as applied in 2015”.

At the same time, Mr. Varvitsiotis described the process of evacuation of Afghanistan and the withdrawal of American and allied forces as difficult for many European countries and this is expected to be a matter of concern at European level. He also noted that Europe is not ready to face a new migration crisis due to Afghanistan, as it lacks a common policy on immigration in order to shield its borders and address human rights issues.

Regarding the new measures for the unvaccinated, Mr. Varvitsiotis pointed out that “the unvaccinated should not drag society either to new lockdowns or to new restrictive measures.” “We must understand that from now on the issue of taking individual responsibility arises. We are not talking about a two-thirds society, divided between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. Vaccination is a matter of respect for a fundamental right, which is none other than the protection of public health.”

GenScript Biotech annonce ses résultats du premier semestre 2021

L’entreprise affiche une croissance explosive de l’activité d’organisation de développement et de fabrication sous contrat (CDMO) de thérapie génique et cellulaire (GCT) et des investissements stratégiques en thérapie génique et cellulaire

NANJING, Chine, 25 août 2021 /PRNewswire/ — GenScript Biotech Corporation (HKEX: 1548.HK) (GenScript) a publié aujourd’hui ses résultats financiers du premier semestre 2021 pour le semestre clos le 30 juin. Le Groupe a également annoncé avoir étendu sa présence dans l’industrie de la thérapie génique et cellulaire grâce à des investissements massifs.

Au cours du premier semestre 2021, le Groupe a maintenu une forte dynamique dans tous les secteurs d’activité. Le chiffre d’affaires total a augmenté de 38 % pour atteindre 229,6 millions de dollars et la marge brute a augmenté de 28,1 % pour atteindre 138,6 millions de dollars.

Le chiffre d’affaires de l’activité de thérapie non cellulaire du Groupe a augmenté de 36,6 % pour atteindre 195,7 millions de dollars, avec un bénéfice brut de 104,7 millions de dollars, soit une augmentation de 23,0 % en glissement annuel, y compris la percée historique de son activité de développement et de fabrication sous contrat de thérapies géniques et cellulaires dans la croissance explosive du chiffre d’affaires. Ce résultat s’appuie sur les premiers investissements du Groupe dans ce domaine et sur ses avantages en matière de solutions de R&D et de fabrication de plasmides et lentivirus. En ce qui concerne l’activité de thérapie cellulaire du Groupe, le chiffre d’affaires a augmenté de 46,8 % sur un an pour atteindre 33,9 millions de dollars, grâce à la reconnaissance continue de ses succès et à des investissements importants.

En tant que fournisseur de synthèse génique numéro un dans le monde, GenScript a établi une base technique solide pour ses activités de thérapie génique et cellulaire. Tandis que les activités de GenScript dans le domaine des services et des produits des sciences de la vie, le développement de contrats biologiques et l’organisation de la fabrication, et les activités de thérapie cellulaire sont toutes en train d’atteindre une forte dynamique, le Groupe étend sa présence à travers la chaîne de valeur de la thérapie génique et cellulaire en investissement de façon intensive.

Au cours du premier semestre 2021, les dépenses de R&D ont augmenté de 51,6 % en glissement annuel pour atteindre 175,1 millions de dollars. L’entreprise de thérapie non cellulaire a investi environ 10 % de son chiffre d’affaires dans la construction d’installations de bonnes pratiques de fabrication et dans d’autres extensions d’infrastructures. L’activité de thérapie cellulaire a dépensé 154,5 millions de dollars en R&D, une augmentation de 52,1 % par rapport à l’année précédente, avec une concentration des investissements sur les études cliniques de cilta-cel et les installations de fabrication qui soutiennent les essais cliniques en cours et la commercialisation future de l’entreprise.

GenScript est en train d’inaugurer l’essor de la thérapie génique et cellulaire comme la prochaine révolution de l’industrie bio-technologique, en exploitant l’énorme potentiel des organisations de recherche contractuelle et des plateformes de développement et de fabrication contractuelles. Au cours des deux à trois prochaines années, l’entreprise de sciences de la vie et l’entreprise de développement et de fabrication de produits biologiques augmenteront leurs investissements stratégiques dans ce domaine. Cela comprend des investissements dans les services liés à la thérapie génique et cellulaire, l’utilisation de la technologie d’automatisation pour moderniser les lignes de production, et l’accélération du lancement des produits de thérapie cellulaire en cours et de la R&D dans les nouveaux pipelines.