Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Konstantinos Vlasis’ visit to Istanbul to attend Mass in celebration of His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew’s name day (10-11 June 2021)

In the context of his responsibilities concerning Religious and Church Affairs, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Konstantinos Vlasis will travel to Istanbul where on Friday, June 11, 2021, he will attend the Mass to be held at the Church of St. George at Fener, celebrated by His All Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch and Bishops, on the occasion of His All Holiness’ name day.

Today, on the eve of the celebration, the Deputy Minister will attend the Vespers in the memory of Holy Apostles Bartholomew and Barnabas to be held at the Holy Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi, Balikli.

Les émissions pour enfants très populaires de Moonbug Entertainment arrivent sur la BBC

Des programmes comprenant les succès internationaux CoComelon, Go Buster, Little Baby Bum et plus sont maintenant disponibles

LONDRES, 10 juin 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Moonbug Entertainment Ltd., l’une des plus grandes entreprises de médias numériques au monde, a annoncé aujourd’hui que ses émissions pour enfants amusantes, adaptées et enrichissantes sont désormais disponibles sur la BBC. Tous les épisodes disponibles de titres extrêmement populaires, notamment CoComelon, Digley and Dazey, Little Baby Bum, Go Buster et Playtime with Twinkle peuvent maintenant être regardés par les familles du Royaume-Uni sur iPlayer BBC.

Moonbug x BBC

« Notre collaboration avec la BBC marque le premier partenariat avec un diffuseur de service public. Un véritable label de qualité pour nos équipes créatives, s’est réjoui Nicolas Eglau, directeur général des zones EMEA et APAC, chez Moonbug. La BBC est connue dans le monde entier pour sa programmation attrayante pour les enfants d’âge préscolaire, et Moonbug est heureux de conclure un partenariat avec une organisation d’un tel prestige. »

La programmation de Moonbug introduit des thèmes universels auxquels les enfants peuvent s’identifier par le biais d’animations colorées et de récits captivants. Qu’il s’agisse de manger des légumes ou de se préparer pour le lit, l’animation ludique et les chansons accrocheuses de Moonbug stimulent le développement et l’apprentissage des enfants.

À propos de Moonbug Entertainment

Moonbug Entertainment est une entreprise mondiale de divertissement primée qui propose des programmes éducatifs pour enfants fondés sur des valeurs. Sa gamme populaire pour enfants comprend les productions mondiales CoComelonBlippiLittle Baby BumMy Magic Pet MorphleSupa StrikasGo BusterPlaytime with TwinkleGecko’s GarageARPO et bien d’autres, disponibles en 27 langues.

En deux ans seulement, la société est devenue une centrale de programmation pour enfants avec une bibliothèque de plus de 550 heures de contenu, qui est distribuée sur plus de 100 plateformes dans le monde, dont YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Sky, Tencent, Youku et Roku. En mai 2020, Tubular Labs a désigné Moonbug comme l’une des principales entreprises de divertissement numérique pour enfants au monde, sur la base du nombre total de minutes regardées.

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Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias to meet with Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus, Nikos Christodoulides (Athens, 11.06.2021)

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Dendias, will have a meeting tomorrow, Friday 11 June at 8:00, with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus, Nikos Christodoulides.

In the context of the regular exchange of views and coordination between the two sides, the discussion is expected to focus mainly on recent international and regional developments as well as on relations with Turkey, ahead of the upcoming Foreign Affairs Council in preparation of the European Council. Developments on the Cyprus issue are also expected to be discussed.

Coppel Mexico Picks VoltDB to Power Customer Profiles

BEDFORD, Mass., June 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — VoltDB, the only enterprise-grade data platform that meets the real-time data requirements of modern applications, announced today that Coppel, the biggest nationwide department store in Mexico, is now using the VoltDB Data Platform to create a unified system for customer profiles.

“Volt has really been a game-changer for us,” said Coppel CTO Robert Gil. “We can now have a unified platform to manage all of our 13 million customer portfolio data, which then feeds into much better customer experiences and far bigger ROI for us thanks to improved customer loyalty.”

One of Coppel’s main assets, customer portfolios, also present a big challenge: to have a single profile that is online and up-to-date with all the customer’s information and for this profile to be live in an omnichannel environment so that customers can access their information on charges, credits, and installments (balances) in real time, without compromising the speed at which transactions are processed within the portfolio.

Coppel chose VoltDB because it needed a data platform that could enable them to:

  • Store online information in one place
  • Be fault tolerant through distributed, multi-site optimized finite-difference (DRP) schemes
  • Analyze information in real time with dashboards
  • Do real-time data collection
  • Perform fraud analysis without compromising database performance

“All the tests we carried out with Volt exceeded the expectations with respect to performance in transactions per second,” Gil said.

Moving forward, Coppel plans to expand its use of Volt to various call center and customer service use cases.

For more information on why organizations across all industries are choosing VoltDB to power their operations, visit

About VoltDB

VoltDB is the only data platform designed to support telco applications in the age of 5G. We combine in-memory data storage with predictable low-latency and other key capabilities to power BSS/OSS, customer management, and revenue assurance applications that need to act in single-digit milliseconds to drive revenue or prevent revenue loss, without compromising on data accuracy. For more information, visit

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Advancing the Humanitarian-Development-Peace nexus in African cities impacted by rapid urban population growth and displacement

As part of the ICLEI Rise Africa Action Festival Session, UN-Habitat and the Mayors Migration Council (MMC) hosted a session addressing the importance of the humanitarian-development-peace (HDP) nexus for advancing solutions to rapid urbanization and displacement with a focus on Burkina Faso, Cameroon and Nigeria.

Over the last decade, humanitarian crises have become more protracted and increasingly urban, as many displaced people seek refuge in urban areas. With its emphasis on integrated responses and synergies between humanitarian, development, and peace actors, the HDP nexus offers a window to holistically address complex urban displacement and rapid urbanization challenges.

UN-Habitat promotes the need to advance the HDP nexus in urban displacement settings. In the session’s keynote, Angelica Broman, Senior Advisor on the HDP nexus at the International Organization for Migration (IOM), stressed the importance of the nexus for advancing the SDGs and the Agenda for Humanity through its focus on reducing risks and vulnerabilities and introduced the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s Development Assistance Committee recommendation on the HDP nexus which IOM and UN-Habitat adhered to.

“For implementing the nexus in urban settings, we need jointly designed and integrated projects – not sectoral thinking,” said Ms Broman.

Samer Saliba, Head of Practice at the Mayors Migration Council underlined that municipal financing by the international community is essential for advancing the nexus. He introduced the MMC’s Global Cities Fund which provides financial and technical support to cities as they address the needs of displaced populations.

“Local authorities need to be included in analysis, programming as well as implementation. There is a need for new and direct financing mechanisms for local level action,” he said.

Shettima Babakura, Urban Disaster Risk Reduction Deputy Project Manager from ACTED Nigeria, introduced ACTED’s ‘Response to Resilience’ project which is advancing the nexus in Maiduguri in Nigeria’s Borno state. He noted how the nexus can provide long and short-term solutions to urban displacement in Nigeria, while also addressing the challenges to such an approach.

Falmata Omar Lawan, Director for the Women’s Department at the State Ministry Women Affairs and Social Development (MWASD), in Borno, added additional information on the local context and government actions to address the challenges saying: “…the coordination and collaboration between the government and nongovernmental organisations serves as the key factors in yielding positive sustainability development goals in every conflict affected region. This means, there is need to strengthen the synergy between individual parties involved in any project implementation as a pathway to achieve the desired objectives.”

Introducing the country context in Burkina Faso, Mr Yombi Ouedraogo, Programme Manager for UN-Habitat Burkina Faso, shared insights on the displacement situation in the country, where currently more than 1.2 million people are internally displaced, many within cities where they face limited access to housing, water, sanitation and basic services.

He introduced UN-Habitat’s project on “Increased resilience for cities impacted by massive internal displacement and COVID-19” and underlined the importance of service provision for rebuilding trust in government authorities. With its conflicts due to different root causes and in different regions of the country, Cameroon was at the centre of a third country presentation and Jahal de Meritens, UN Humanitarian Development Peace Coordinator in Cameroon, showcased the UN’s coordinated response to the Cameroonian urban displacement context. He underlined that through the HDP nexus approach, the UN’s work as humanitarian, development, and peace actors can amplified by the synergies generated from working towards collective outcomes.

“Coordinated partnerships between humanitarian, development and peace actors contribute to developing context tailored, durable solutions to urban displacement,” he said.

UN-Habitat’s and partners’ projects in countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Somalia, Cameroon, Burkina Faso or the Latin American countries impacted by the Venezuela refugee crisis are benefitting from agency’s experience in development contexts for advancing sustainable solutions in crisis, conflict or early post conflict settings. UN-Habitat is also implementing a flagship on ” Inclusive cities: Enhancing the positive impact of urban migration” and further information on projects and approaches can be found here.

Source: UN Human Settlements Program