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CALENDRIER du 16 janvier au 22 janvier 2017

(Susceptible de modifications en cours de semaine)

Déplacements et visites


Lundi 16 janvier 2017

President Jean-Claude Juncker receives Mr Joseph Daul, President of the European People’s Party (EPP); and Mr Manfred Weber, Chairman of the …

CALENDRIER du 15 au 21 février 2016

(Susceptible de modifications en cours de semaine)

Déplacements et visites

Lundi 15 février

Foreign Affairs Council, in Brussels.

Agriculture and Fisheries Council, in Brussels.

President Jean-Claude Juncker receives a delegation of AEGIS Europe and EUROFER.…

Written question – The Danube-Oder Canal, the Oder Waterway and the TEN-T network – E-015612/2015

The linking of the inland waterways of the Oder and the Danube with the gantry functions of seaports in Western Pomerania represents a unique cross-border hub connecting the North with the South and the East …

Health, green shipping, and windfarms amongst EUR 13 billion of new EIB schemes

The European Investment Bank today approved EUR 12.7 billion of loans to support new investment in energy, transport, education infrastructure, corporate research and food security and disaster recovery in projects across Europe, Africa and Asia. …

Written question – Noise reduction in rail transport – P-013405/2015

The German Government is pursuing the aim of banning the operation of ‘noisy’ goods wagons from 2020 in order to significantly reduce noise nuisance from rolling stock. Commission member Bulc is quoted in the press …

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