Windhoek Homes and Residents Targeted in Series of Armed Robberies

WINDHOEK – Residents of Windhoek were subjected to a spate of violent robberies over the weekend, resulting in significant losses and raising concerns over public safety. A family in Otjomuise’s Boston Street experienced a harrowing event when their home was invaded and robbed, leading to the theft of goods and cash with a combined value of N.dollars 100,000.

According to NAMPA, spokesperson Kauna Shikwambi confirmed that the incident took place around 00h30 on Saturday when four male suspects allegedly broke into the residence using a bolt cutter to bypass the burglar bars. The victims were confronted and robbed of various items, including electronics, jewelry, a passport, and cash. As of the latest update, there have been no recoveries or arrests, and the police investigation is ongoing.

In a separate, similar incident, a pensioner fell victim to an attack within his own home in the suburb of Auasblick. Shikwambi detailed that on Saturday, suspects purportedly scaled the perimeter wall and assaulted the homeowner in his garage around midday, using a panga and knives. The assailants made off with a vehicle, a pistol, a television, among other valuables. The total value of the stolen property is currently undetermined, and no suspects have been apprehended.

Furthermore, a 49-year-old man became yet another victim of the weekend’s crime wave when he was reportedly held at gunpoint along the B1 road. The robbery, occurring at approximately 22h00 on Friday, involved the theft of personal items valued at N.dollars 10,100, including a cellphone, watches, clothing, and important business documents. Similar to the other cases, there have been no arrests or recoveries related to this incident.

The sequence of events over the weekend paints a troubling picture of security in Windhoek, with multiple armed robberies occurring in quick succession. The Namibian Police Force has reiterated its commitment to investigating these crimes thoroughly and is urging anyone with information to come forward.

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