Tsandi Village Council to Reschedule Trade Fair to Prioritize Students’ Exam Periods

TSANDI: The Tsandi Village Council is actively deliberating a rescheduling of the Tsandi Annual Trade Fair and Expo to avoid a clash with the academic schedules of students who are in the midst of their examination period.

According to NAMPA, in a statement to Nampa, the consideration comes as the current fair, taking place from 29 October to 05 November 2023, is located near Mwaala and Shikongo secondary schools. These institutions are currently facilitating national exams, prompting concerns over potential disruptions.

Haitembu emphasized the urgency of addressing the scheduling conflict, noting plans to reassess the timing as early as the following week. The council aims to realign the trade fair’s dates to prevent overlapping with educational activities and other trade fairs across the country.

At present, the Tsandi Trade Fair and Expo is occurring simultaneously with Helao Nafidi’s expo in the Ohangwena Region and the Keetmanshoop annual show. Haitembu mentioned that measures such as limiting music volume were implemented to mitigate interference with nearby school operations.

Feedback from participants at the expo has been constructive. Johanna Amundjebo, a vendor of traditional clothing, expressed satisfaction with the level of interest in cultural garments among Namibians attending the expo. She also brought attention to the seasonal heat, suggesting a review of the fair’s scheduling to ensure a more comfortable experience for both exhibitors and visitors.

In response to inquiries about infrastructure, Haitembu cited financial constraints due to COVID-19 as the reason for delays in constructing a designated exposition showground. He reassured that although a dedicated space is in planning, the council’s field is being utilized temporarily for community members to showcase their offerings.

The fair also received positive remarks from Rauha Gideon, a plant seller, who applauded the council’s efforts in facilitating the event which has showcased a burgeoning interest in agriculture, as evidenced by the high demand for plants and fruit trees among attendees.

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