Transport Crisis in Ijara as Torrential Rains Disrupt Connectivity

IJARA, Garissa County – The transport network in Ijara sub-county has been severely disrupted due to continuous heavy rains, isolating Masalani town and impeding the flow of essential supplies from other regions.

According to Kenya News Agency, the sustained downpour over the past three days has severed electricity supply and destroyed infrastructure, urgently calling for intervention. Masalani community chairman Mr. Abdullahi Abdi, former Ijara County Council chairman Mr. Mohamed Gure, vegetable vendors Ubah Yasin, and Ruth Kimani highlighted the critical situation. They expressed the community’s need for assistance from Tana River County Governor Mr. Dhadho Godana and Garissa counterpart Mr. Nadhif Jama in repairing the damaged bridges, which are vital for the movement between the two counties.

Community representatives have stressed the importance of the 18km road that connects Masalani to Tana River, which requires immediate attention and funding for reconstruction. The road serves as a crucial link for travellers and traders commuting from Mombasa, Malindi, and Nairobi through Garissa, Bura, and Hola, which is a lifeline for their livelihoods.

The area elders have pointed out that the affected route is not just a local conduit but a significant transportation axis for regional commerce and daily sustenance for the residents relying on it.