Trans Mara West Sub-County Grapples with Casualties from Lightning Strike

Kisima Village, Trans Mara – In a somber incident late at night, a family of four in Kisima village of Trans Mara west sub-county was hospitalized after their house was struck by lightning. The area chief, Francis Ntukusoi, confirmed that the strike resulted in serious injuries to the family members as they slept.

According to Kenya News Agency, Chief Ntukusoi detailed that the lightning caused grave injuries to three adults and a one-year-old child within the family. The victims were promptly rushed to a medical facility, where they are currently under medication. Fortunately, there were no fatalities reported from the incident.

In light of the event, Ntukusoi advised the community to exercise caution during the ongoing rainy season. He emphasized the importance of staying indoors, particularly ensuring that children are not exposed to the hazardous weather conditions, and avoiding crossing flooded rivers.

Ntukusoi further appealed to the county government for the installation of lightning arrestors, especially in areas frequently affected by thunderstorms and lightning. The recent tragedy has highlighted the urgency for such preventative measures.

The need for heightened awareness and government intervention has been underscored by a separate incident last month where lightning struck two individuals at Triangle Shopping Center, resulting in one fatality and another person severely injured, currently hospitalized.

The County Director of Meteorological Services, Peter Karanja, confirmed that several parts of the county are expected to experience rainfall, with areas of Trans Mara and Narok North anticipating 10mm to 50mm this week. Morning conditions are predicted to be sunny with sporadic rains, while afternoons may bring showers and thunderstorms. The nights are forecasted to be partly cloudy with occasional showers over some areas.