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General Assembly hands over draft global sustainability agenda to UN Member States

1 September 2015 – The United Nations General Assembly today approved a resolution sending the draft ‘2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development’ to Member States for adoption later this month, bringing the international community “to the …

IAEA Publishes Annual Report for 2014

Along with an examination of the state of worldwide nuclear-related developments last year, the IAEA Annual Report 2014 provides a comprehensive look at the Agency’s activities over the course of the year. From coordinating 125 …

Helen Clark: Bishop Sir Paul Reeves Memorial Lecture 2015 on “The promise and challenge of 2015 for sustainable development”

26 Aug 2015

Thank you for inviting me to deliver the Bishop Sir Paul Reeves Memorial Lecture this year. 

My association with Sir Paul began when I was a Cabinet Minister in the 1980s and …

Here today, gone tomorrow

For aid workers responding to the rush of migrants and asylum seekers arriving in Greece, journalist and communications specialist Rachel Harvey says the crisis raises a set of troubling questions with no easy answers.

Helen Clark: Speech at World Assembly of Women on “Women’s Empowerment through Sanitation” Tokyo, Japan

29 Aug 2015

My thanks go to Japan’s Minister in Charge of Women’s Empowerment, Haruko Arimura, and the Government of Japan for inviting me to be part of this panel on Women’s Empowerment Through Sanitation. …