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Helen Clark: Bishop Sir Paul Reeves Memorial Lecture 2015 on “The promise and challenge of 2015 for sustainable development”

26 Aug 2015

Thank you for inviting me to deliver the Bishop Sir Paul Reeves Memorial Lecture this year. 

My association with Sir Paul began when I was a Cabinet Minister in the 1980s and …

In Somalia some 855,000 people face acute food insecurity

Photo: ©FAO/Simon Maina

Girls herdng goats in Somalia where in certain areas drought has contributed to severe water shortages and livestock deaths.

Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit – Somalia (FSNAU) and the Famine Early Warning Systems Network

South Sudan Ceasefire Comes…And Goes

This was somewhat predictable. The key question is whether or not the security council will make good on its promise to punish those who violate the agreement, “South Sudan rebels on Sunday accused the army …

Here today, gone tomorrow

For aid workers responding to the rush of migrants and asylum seekers arriving in Greece, journalist and communications specialist Rachel Harvey says the crisis raises a set of troubling questions with no easy answers.

MERS Cases in Saudi Arabia Surge Before the Hajj

2 million Muslims are expected to travel to the Saudi Arabia for the Hajj pilgrimage next month. Could be a problematic combination. “Deaths from the MERS coronavirus have surged in Saudi Arabia ahead of the