President João Lourenço Inaugurates Bengo General Hospital and Housing Project

Luanda – President João Lourenço is set to undertake a work-focused visit to Bengo province on Monday, with a packed schedule that includes key inaugurations and a meeting with local government officials.

According to Angola Press News Agency, Secretary of the President’s Press Office, during the visit, President Lourenço and his entourage are slated to inaugurate the new Bengo General Hospital and the first phase of the Caxito housing project. The trip is part of the President’s efforts to assess and improve infrastructure and public services within the region.

The day’s agenda also involves a session with members of the provincial government to discuss the overall condition and development of Bengo province. These discussions aim to align provincial and national objectives and ensure that the province’s needs are addressed effectively.

Luis Fernando further stated that this visit is a precursor to President Lourenço’s activities for the week, highlighting the scheduled inauguration of the Luanda International Airport Dr. António Agostinho Neto (AIAAN) on Friday, signifying progress in the country’s transport infrastructure.

Following the completion of the scheduled events, President Lourenço is expected to return to Luanda by the end of the day, continuing his duties from the nation’s capital.