Presidency of Faso Secures Victory Over Professional Footballers in Gala Match

OUAGADOUGOU — In a remarkable display of skill and leadership, the Presidency of Faso team emerged victorious against a selection of national and international professional footballers, clinching a 3-2 win in a closely contested gala match. The game featured a standout performance from the Head of State, Captain Ibrahim Traore, who scored twice, including the decisive third goal.

According to Burkina Information Agency, the game was played over two thirty-minute halves with a brief fifteen-minute intermission. The event took place on June 29, marking a significant moment of unity and sportsmanship. Captain Ibrahim Traore, leading the Presidency’s team, initiated the scoring with a penalty in the 16th minute. The professional selection, referred to as the Stallions, responded swiftly with Préjuce Nacoulma equalizing three minutes later. However, the Presidency of Faso regained the lead shortly afterward through Oussoufo Eugène Yigo. Nacoulma managed to equalize once again, making it 2-2 by the half-time whistle.

The second half saw the Presidency team intensify their offensive, culminating in President Traore’s winning goal in the 44th minute on a counterattack, sealing the match at 3-2. This victory echoed their previous encounter in 2023, where the Presidency of Faso also won 3-1.

The match served not only as a display of football prowess but also as a platform for President Traore to promote national unity and the nurturing of young talent. He emphasized the importance of solidarity and innovation in football, urging the Stallions to put aside their differences for the nation’s benefit. He expressed a commitment to supporting initiatives that foster the development of the next generation of football talent.

The Stallions, represented by Charles Kabore and Moumouni Dagano, expressed their appreciation for the President’s deep interest in advancing football and sports in Burkina Faso. They praised the initiative for bringing them closer to their top supporter, reinforcing the sport’s role in national cohesion.

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