Oshakati Council Reaffirms Leonard Hango as Mayor for Third Term

OSHAKATI – In a council session held on Monday, the Oshakati Town Council re-elected Leonard Hango of the Swapo party as mayor, marking his third term in the office.

According to NAMPA, Hango is set to be deputized by Puyeipawa Elifas, who also retained her role. Council members Maria Mutumbulwa, Hofeni Mutota, and Ruusa Frans will continue to serve on the management committee. Jerobeam Ndaamohamba and Pinehas Aluvilu of the Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) hold positions as ordinary members.

In his acceptance speech, Mayor Hango committed to dedicated service for the benefit of all Oshakati residents and emphasized the importance of community collaboration to elevate the town’s status. “Your voices, your ideas and your concerns are invaluable. Together, we will shape the future of Oshakati, ensuring that it remains a place of opportunity, prosperity for all,” Hango stated.

The mayor highlighted the critical role of community members in Oshakati’s development, urging them to fulfill their obligations towards municipal services as a means to foster the town’s growth. He pointed out that the council’s focus areas would include enhancing essential services, investing in infrastructure, and fostering economic growth and sustainable development.

Furthermore, Mayor Hango indicated that environmental sustainability would remain a priority, with the council seeking to implement new initiatives and policies to protect and improve the town’s environment.