National Government and NFDK Partner to Provide Assistive Tools for Persons with Disabilities in Molo

MOLO, Kenya — In a collaborative initiative to support persons with disabilities, the national government together with the National Fund for the Disabled of Kenya (NFDK) distributed an array of empowerment tools on Friday at the Molo DCC headquarters. This action is part of a broader effort to foster self-reliance among disabled individuals in Kenya.

According to Kenya News Agency, 47 tools and pieces of equipment were provided to aid in various trades. These included wheelbarrows, tailoring machines, hairdryers, farming tools, and welding machines. The DCC lauded the effort, noting the government’s commitment to supporting individuals with disabilities by providing necessary equipment.

NFDK Representative Isaac Aliyah addressed the attendees, highlighting the benefits of holding a disabled identity card, which includes tax exemptions and access to bursaries and tender opportunities. Despite the success of the distribution event, Aliyah expressed concern over the low turnout, suggesting that a lack of awareness might be hindering the reach of such initiatives.

In addition to the equipment provided to individuals, the NFDK offers grants to institutions catering to persons with disabilities. This support extends to educational opportunities, with notable efforts made in Nakuru County, such as the establishment of a special school in Njoro.

The recent distribution event and the ongoing support of the NFDK underscore the national government’s dedication to ensuring inclusivity and equal opportunities for all citizens, particularly those with disabilities.

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