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Nandi County to Reward Exceptional Community Health Promoters

KAPSABET – Nandi County Government has announced an initiative to formally recognize and reward the contributions of Community Health Promoters (CHPs) in advancing public health. Governor Stephen Sang, speaking at the County headquarters during the launch of kits for 1,414 CHPs, underscored his administration’s commitment to developing a reward system that honors the dedication and performance of these vital workers.

According to Kenya News Agency, the recognition scheme is part of broader efforts to encourage excellence among health promoters and improve health outcomes in the county. “We are developing a proper reward scheme for CHPs who will be recognized as having done their work well. As you work with the community, just remember you stand a chance of recognition to better your terms. Let us work hard to ensure when counties are ranked we emerge the best,” he stated.

The governor emphasized the pivotal role that CHPs play in achieving Universal Health Coverage by providing preventive and primary healthcare services, which are fundamental to the county’s healthcare strategy. “Our CHPs have undergone extensive training… They will collaborate with local health care facilities and authorities to provide crucial services, education, disease prevention, and support to our citizens,” Governor Sang elaborated.

He also highlighted the county’s commitment to affordable and quality healthcare as a cornerstone for socioeconomic development. Nandi’s Chief Officer for Health and Sanitation, Mr. Fredrick Kiptum, pointed out that a shift towards preventive health measures could significantly revamp the healthcare system by identifying and preventing diseases early and thus, controlling rising healthcare costs.

Tero, the County Community Health Strategy Coordinator, remarked on the established role of CHPs since 2006, noting their capacity to conduct basic health screenings and facilitate early medical interventions by referring community members to medical facilities when needed.

The governor’s announcement reflects an acknowledgment of the essential service these community health workers provide and a step towards incentivizing their crucial role in Nandi County’s healthcare framework.

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