Murang’a Water Company Battles Sh4 Million Monthly Loss to Illegal Connections

Murang’a — The Murang’a Water and Sanitation Company (Muwasco) is reportedly losing approximately Sh. 4 million every month due to rampant illegal water connections and vandalism, as disclosed by Engineer Daniel Ng’ang’a, the Managing Director of the firm.

According to Kenya News Agency, the unlawful connections to the main water pipes, specifically for agricultural use, are robbing the company of vital earnings. The financial strain imposed by these activities has adversely impacted Muwasco’s capacity to expand service connections and maintain operational efficiency. On Wednesday, Ng’ang’a outlined the challenges faced by the company, including the inability to broaden service coverage due to these financial constraints.

During an operation in the Kiharu estate of Murang’a town, where Muwasco technicians were disengaging unauthorized connections, Ng’ang’a informed that the recent three-week spike in illegal connections, particularly for commercial exploitation in hostels, has led to 10 arrests with cases now pending in court.

The company has intensified its crackdown on these infractions in partnership with security forces and the community, implementing more rigorous legal consequences to deter the bypassing of meters and theft of equipment. Ng’ang’a lamented that the substantial annual losses could have been invested in extending water services to outlying areas and enhancing overall service delivery.

Furthermore, Ng’ang’a announced an amnesty period for individuals with illicit connections to legalize their water usage. He emphasized the company’s commitment to exhausting all legal avenues to eradicate the unauthorized connections that significantly undermine Muwasco’s revenue.