Mombasa Welcomes Cruise Liner SH Diana, Signaling Tourism Sector’s Revival

Mombasa– The Port of Mombasa marked a significant milestone in its tourism revival efforts with the arrival of the cruise liner SH Diana, carrying 57 passengers and 109 crew members. As the festive season approaches its peak, this development has brought optimism to the tourism industry, which has been recovering from the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and global economic challenges.

According to Kenya News Agency, Kenya Ports Authority’s Head of Corporate Communication, the increasing attraction of cruise liners to Kenya signifies a resurgence in the tourism sector. Osero stated that the country is regaining its status as a major tourist destination and a regional leader in tourism. He expressed confidence that the Port of Mombasa would host more cruise vessels in the coming two months, reflecting the global liners’ trust in the port as a top destination in the region and continent.

Osero further revealed plans to transform the Port of Mombasa into a world-class facility, including making it a home port for some cruise vessels. He highlighted that the port boasts state-of-the-art cruise reception facilities, which meet global standards. Collaborations are underway with key stakeholders like the Kenya Tourism Board and Cruise Africa Association to enhance the port’s capacity as a modern home port for cruise ships.

Additionally, Osero noted the significance of the SH Diana’s call at the Port of Lamu, marking a major step in utilizing and expanding the port’s commercial viability. This event underscores the efforts to diversify the ports’ operations and leverage their potential in boosting the country’s tourism and maritime sectors.

Echoing Osero’s sentiments, Capt. Ali Abdile, Head of Pilotage at KPA, emphasized the strategic importance of the Lamu anchorage. He mentioned that the vessel’s visit to Lamu was well received by the local county leadership and the hospitality experienced by the crew and passengers highlighted the port’s potential for beneficial use.

This series of events at Mombasa and Lamu ports represent key developments in Kenya’s tourism industry, signaling a promising path towards full recovery and growth.

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