Livestock Prices Surge in Kajiado Amid Drought Aftermath

KAJIADO – Livestock prices in Kajiado County have seen a significant increase following a decrease in supply due to a devastating drought. The drought has had a profound impact on local herders, leading to a substantial number of livestock deaths and leaving many families without their primary source of income.

According to Kenya News Agency, in the Kitengela livestock market, prices have dramatically risen, with mature sheep and goats now selling for Sh14,000-20,000, a considerable increase from the Sh8,000-10,000 range three months prior. Bulls and heifers are also selling at significantly higher prices. The Kenya News Agency (KNA) reported that the rise in livestock prices has resulted in higher meat costs for consumers, with beef now retailing at Sh 600-650 per kilogram.

The disparity between the financial fortunes of herders whose livestock endured the drought and those who suffered losses is stark. Mzee Leshan Sawoina, a local herder who lost 50 cows, voiced a plea for government assistance to restock, which is crucial for the livelihoods of affected families. The coming festive season is likely to further inflate prices due to increased demand and limited supply.