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KMPDC Shuts Down 75 Health Facilities in Narok for Non-Compliance

Narok, Kenya – The Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Council (KMPDC) has shut down 75 health facilities in Narok County for failing to meet operational standards. The Deputy Chief Executive Officer of KMPDC, Philip Ole Kamwaro, announced this action following the inspection of 255 facilities in the county.

According to Kenya News Agency, the initiative, conducted in collaboration with the Narok County Government, was part of an effort to ensure high-quality service in accordance with Universal Health Care guidelines. In addition to the closures, six facilities were partially shut down, and six individuals were arrested for illegal operation.

Ole Kamwaro emphasized that the inspections focused on assessing the physical infrastructure and the qualifications of personnel at the health facilities. He stressed the importance of all health facilities and practitioners being registered and licensed by KMPDC to maintain standards.

The KMPDC is committed to ongoing quality assurance and monitoring to ensure Kenyans receive the level of healthcare they deserve. Ole Kamwaro warned that unqualified operations would lead to closures and legal actions, urging facilities to maintain readiness for inspections.

He also encouraged public participation in reporting unqualified medics and suspicious health facilities through SMS to code 20547. This initiative aligns with the council’s broader efforts, having inspected over 3900 facilities nationwide and closed 609 that did not meet required standards.

Antony Namunguk, Narok County Executive Committee Member in Charge of Health Services, expressed gratitude to KMPDC for the inspection, which helps to control the proliferation of illegal health facilities. He referenced a recent County Assembly inquiry into a maternal death at a private hospital, questioning the registration and qualifications of the facility’s staff.

Narok County Director of Health Services, Dr. Francis Kiio, assured ongoing vigilance against illegal health facility operations. He stated that cooperation with the police is in place to prevent the reopening of closed facilities until they meet registration thresholds.

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