Kisumu Priest Calls for Responsible Parenting During Holidays

KISUMU – Father John Pesa of the Holy Ghost Coptic Church at Mamboleo has called upon parents to guide their children towards religious observance and responsible behavior during school holidays.

According to Kenya News Agency, Father Pesa expressed concerns over the common practice among parents of sending children to stay with relatives during holidays, suggesting that it could lead to negative outcomes. He emphasized the importance of children attending church and staying under the direct guidance of their parents as a foundation for a God-fearing and opportunity-rich future. He mentioned that this was a crucial time for children to learn values that will help them in their future endeavors.

Additionally, Father Pesa noted the scarcity of white-collar jobs in Kenya and urged parents to equip their children with diverse skills beyond academic qualifications. He cautioned against the freedom given to youth during holidays, which he linked to temptations and the risk of early pregnancies. Instead, he advised that children should contribute to household chores and maintain regular church attendance.

Father Pesa also extended his best wishes to the KCSE candidates, urging them to face their upcoming examinations with courage and faith. He encouraged them to draw inspiration from successful figures in society, including governors and the president, who have attained their positions through education, discipline, and hard work.

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