Keetmanshoop Takes Action on Unpaid Bills, Disconnects Utilities at Official Venues

Keetmanshoop – The Keetmanshoop Municipality has initiated a firm stance against defaulters by cutting off water and electricity supplies to a number of government offices, businesses, and other entities due to unsettled municipal accounts.

According to Namibia Press Agency (Nampa), the municipality’s acting chief executive officer, Lee Mwemba, stated on Wednesday that the disconnection process began on Monday. Mwemba mentioned that the municipality had already suspended services to 83 different offices, including key government buildings, commercial businesses, and institutions. “The process is ongoing and so far we have collected over N.dollars 13 million. I believe we will have collected more by Friday,” he asserted.

Previously, at the end of October, Keetmanshoop Mayor, McDonald Hanse, had declared a deadline of November 3 for the concerned parties to clear their debts. Failing to comply with this directive would result in the disconnection of water and electricity services, which the municipality has now begun implementing.

The process is structured in phases, with the initial phase targeting businesses, government agencies, and institutions. This is set to be followed by the second phase, targeting municipal staff and councillors starting December 4, 2023, and the third phase targeting residents beginning in January of the following year.

Outstanding dues to the municipality, encompassing water, rates and taxes, electricity, land sales, and other utilities, amount to over N.dollars 212 million. The aggressive recovery tactic is part of a broader strategy to mitigate the pressing problem of unpaid accounts, ensuring the municipality’s ability to maintain vital services for its community.

Among the affected clients are the ||Kharas Regional Council, the Directorate of Education, the Namibian Police Force regional headquarters, the governor’s office, and the government building that includes the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Home Affairs, which have all experienced service suspension as of Wednesday.