Gaoua Hosts Inaugural Yam and Tuber Show to Tackle Food Insecurity

Gaoua — From October 26 to 28, 2023, Gaoua, the capital of the South-West region, hosted the first edition of the Yam and Tuber Show (SALIT), focusing on developing strategies to support the tuber sector amid food and security challenges.

According to Burkina Information Agency, the SALIT event was conceived in response to the substantial challenges faced by the tuber industry, including the absence of a platform for stakeholders to express themselves, and issues in the marketing and promotion of their products.

The South-West region, known for producing a variety of yams and tubers, aims to leverage this event to stimulate the local economy and generate foreign exchange for the benefit of all participants within the sector. Despite this, the sector’s growth has been hindered by numerous development challenges.

The three-day event, held at the Place de la Nation in Gaoua, was launched to serve as a showcase for local culture and as a springboard for promoting the tuber sector’s potentials. Robert Zoungrana, the region’s secretary-general, speaking on behalf of the South-West governor, highlighted that the Yam and Tuber Show could revive a key agricultural sector that engages a large number of local farmers and workers.

Zoungrana also called on investors and economic operators to focus on product transformation, which he believes will reinforce producer confidence and help stabilize the market for their goods.

The opening of the SALIT was celebrated with an exhibition featuring an array of tuber varieties, processed tuber products, and associated goods, showcasing the region’s agricultural diversity.

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