Enhanced Measures for KCSE Examinations: Kiambu Implements New Double Collection System

KIAMBU – Amid the seasonal downpour, Kiambu education officials ensured the timely delivery of the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination materials as the critical assessment period commenced today.

A According to Kenya News Agency, speaking at the opening of the examination container at the Deputy County Commissioner’s office, this year marks the highest candidate registration with over 903,260 students sitting for the examinations. The country has deployed 567 national exam containers to facilitate the process.

A significant procedural change introduced this year is the ‘double collection’ system, where morning examination papers are distributed first, followed by a separate collection for the afternoon papers after the morning session’s papers are returned. This strategy aims to mitigate the prior year’s issue of early exposure of the afternoon session papers.

Dr. Njengere emphasized the importance of efficient coordination between center managers and supervisors to ensure the prompt turnover of examination scripts. He outlined that the morning session’s papers would need to be returned by 12:30 PM to allow for the collection of the afternoon session papers, which are to be administered at 2:00 PM.

Addressing the challenge of mobile phone usage, Njengere stated that only center managers would be permitted to have phones, with all other devices to be stored in the manager’s office, underscoring the commitment to maintaining the examinations’ integrity.

With current weather conditions presenting additional challenges, the CEO urged those transporting examination papers to exercise caution and avoid taking risks, such as attempting to cross swollen rivers. He provided a 24-hour toll-free call center number, 0800 724 900, for reporting problems or concerns related to the examinations.

The new measures are part of a broader initiative to reinforce credibility and tackle malpractices, as conveyed in letters sent to all candidates outlining the expectations and consequences of any violations.

Kiambu County Commissioner Joshua Nkanatha reassured that adequate security measures are in place for the examination centers, aiming for a peaceful examination period. This sentiment was echoed by Kiambu County Director of Education Mr. Simon Wanjohi, who noted the county’s preparedness, including transport logistics and the sensitization of center managers and security personnel.

The examination schedule sets the session’s papers to begin at 8:00 AM and the afternoon session at 2:00 PM. The assortment of today’s exams includes Chemistry, English, and Braille, with the examination period concluding on November 24.

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